Whynut? is a healthy snack providing clean, natural and tasty energy in a portionable size with its on the go format. It is all about nuts as 40-50% of our product is made of nuts. We have two flavours for now which are Pistachio and Almond.
Whynut? Pistachio and Almond will be found at some coffee shops, petrol stations, gym chains and small chains and Whynut? will be on shelf of some national channels including Coop. Whynut? is available on Amazon Pistachio Snack Balls and Almond Snack Balls
Nuts have a wide range of health benefits and we wanted to combine the natural energy of nuts with fruit pieces and grains, in bite size balls, to give you the energy needed and the taste. Pistachio and Almond are one of those ranking high with their health benefits and tasty.
Whynut? contains only naturally occurring sugars. It provides energy from natural sugars in date and apricot and the natural energy of nuts. The nuts also provide important micro nutrients to support normal energy metabolism.
There are no additives and it is high in fibre.
Whynut? is made of 100% natural ingredients which are fruit, seeds and mostly nuts which provides natural energy.
Whynut? Pistachio and Almond are suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.
Whynut? is produced and packed in UK.
Shelf life of Whynut? products is 6 months under standard conditions.
If any complaints or enquires you can get in touch with us on 0800 011 3439.
There will more flavors in our portfolio with new nut and seeds options soon.